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an in-depth history of one village in Hertfordshire UK.
Local M1 Archaeology Exhibition
22nd October 2007
Leverstock Green Village Hall

A collaboration between The Highways Agency, Dacorum Heritage Trust, LGVA & Barbara Chapman

Click on the map to the left to link to details of the 2011 census results for Leverstock Green Ward.  N.B. Not all of the area of Leverstock Green is within Leverstock Green Ward (see area of interest map below which also shows councils.) - there is a growing population within Adeyfield Ward, Hemel Hempstead; some property in Bedmond Road and Woodfield Gardens within Nash Mills and (Hemel Hempstead) and property along the Eastern end of Westwick Row which from the UK Census 2011 website appears to be in the Harpenden constituency but which is as far as I am aware under the authority of St Albans Rural & District Council in the parish of St Michaels.
Map showing Area of Interest
for the LG Chronicle.
LEFT: Map showing Area of Interest with local authority ward's.
 At the last census in 2014 the population for Leverstock Green Ward was estimated at 9500, making the population for the entire village over 10,000.  
(Parts of the village are within St. Michael's St. Albans and Nash Mills wards.)

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THE WAR IS OVER - An exhibition which co-incided with the centenary of WW1 Armisitce Day in 2018; commemorating the men and women of Leverstock Green who's lives were affected by the conflict and ts aftermath. November 9-11th 2018
For a variety of reasons I can no longer spend the same amount of time as in the past on my research and updating this website, though I DO still explore our local history and continue to find new historic items of interest. e.g.from which now publishes items online. Fortunately  my increasing lack of mobility has happened at the same time that virtually all major archives and museums are scanning items in their collections and posting them on-line so that anyone can access them, even if in some cases this incurs a small fee.

It is still my intention to update existing pages on the Leverstock Green Chronicle website and to add new information as and when time permits. With Social Media, and the digitisation of many national archives new information and images surface regularly. As well as saving all this information to my computer, I ensure all new information is documented and printed and added to the growing number of Chronicle Archive Albums. The contents of these albums are catalogued and added to a spread sheet enabling myself (or anyone else in the future) to readily find the information, even should the website itself no longer exist.

If YOU have any information relating to Leverstock Green's history and members of your family who lived here, including photographs, ephemera etc.please contact me so I can arrange a meeting and/or exchange email addresses so I can include your information in my archive of Leverstock Green's history.

                                                 Thankyou, Barbara Chapman                                                                               4/02/2019

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I shall when time permits, update the above to include 2018's "Beast From The East", the extremely hot summer of 2019, and any other subsequent extreme events.