Leverstock Green Church of England 
Primary School, Pancake Lane.
Leverstock Green in the 1930's
by Sidney Dollimore.
Booklet cover design © Colin Hall & reproduced here with his permission.  Click on the picture above to view a full sizes image..
Booklet cover design © Colin Hall & reproduced here with his permission.  Click on the picture above to view a full sizes image..
Below are photographs connected to Pancake Lane School.  
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THE 1930's
RIGHT: The procession down Pancake Lane for the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony.  11th October 1930

BELOW: The Bishop on the day, & Blessing the Foundation Stone.

Two early photographs at Pancake Lane.
The 1940's
This class photo was taken in about 1948.  Included in the photo are, front row:  Jean Faithful(left); Seated on bench: Margaret Lumb and Jill Parkins.  Boys: Derek Greenfield, Eric Gurney, Joseph Chamberlain, Norman Ivory, James Dunbar,  Godfrey Foulder and James Dawkins.

If you know any more of the young persons in this photo please contact me.
The 1950's
Although I don't think this was technically part of the Primary School, this photo of about 1957 shows Mrs Ayre and some of the pupils in "her school".  Mrs Ayre(The headmaster's wife) also acted as a Supply Teacher to the school.  Those shown Left are: (LtoR) Harriet Hulme, Sarah Shuffrey, Henry Hulme, Lesley Bell-Taylor, ?, Robin Saunders, Melody Wiles.  Back Row Tom Sheldrake, Mrs Ayre.
The 1960's
ABOVE A 1949 "Capitation" return for the school.
Typical early Gardening Party
ABOVE: The 1960 Village Fete Programme - proceeds split between Church & School.
ABOVE: This was taken in 1965, and includes Peter Flint.
Do you know which class this was?
Do you have any class photos from the 50's?  If so, please contact me.
LEFT: Nativity Play December 1962

RIGHT: 1962 Fancy Dress at School/Village Fete

FAR RIGHT: 1966 Gazette article on School/Village Fete
Do you have any class photos from the 60's?  If so, please contact me.
The 1970's
Do you have any class/team/choir photos etc. from the 80's not included here?  
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LEFT: 1979, Mrs. Bennett's class.
Do you have any class photos from the 70's?  If so, please contact me.
The 1980's
1981, Mrs Dutton's Class
Miss Gillbrand's Class
1984, Mrs Dutton's class.
1984, Miss Jerrard's Class
1985, Miss Gillbrand's Class
The 1985 School 
Football Team, 
trained by Miss Gillbrand.
LEFT & RIGHT: 1974/1975 School Choir. The owners of both pictures were unsure whether they were from 1974 or 1975
ABOVE: 19th June 1975, Sports Day, held on fields at Westwick School
BACK ROW LtoR: Sarah Hancock, Gillian Rudd, Simon Brown, Neil Flemming, Neil Sutherland, Robert Ayre, Teresa Hine, Caroline Ayles.  MIDDLE ROW LtoR: Sarah Jane Horne, Sandra Greenwood, Catherine Holloway, Andrew Lightowler, Catherine Fisher, Lisa Slade, Rebecca Haycock, Clare Hodson, Rachel Sexton. FRONT ROW Lto R: Helen Morris, Fiona Gardner, Timothy Godwin, Jennifer Bennett, Nicholas Andrews, Susan Adams, Sarah Arnold, Julie Brown, Melanie Brewer.
BELOW: Charity Fundraising by Class 1 - an annual event 1968~1981.  This group taken 2nd June1981.
LEFT:Class 1 dressed for special Christmas Assembly in the mid 1970's.
ABOVE LEFT:TEACHING STAFF 1980.  L to R: Mercia Bennett (Mrs), Robin Gedge (Mrs), Peggy Buxton (Mrs. Deputy-Head), Trevor Lightowler (Rev. Headmaster), Brenda Brockett (Mrs.), Barbara Dutton (Mrs.), Ron Macey. 

ABOVE RIGHT: CLASS 1 1980 (Mrs Buxton) From left to right: Back row: - Keith Dawes, Jason Lambert, Andrew Inchley, Philip Dufffell,Gary Spanswick, Clive Butler, Anthony Beattie, Rupert Lawrence, Middle Row: - Timothy Whitton, Russel Shaw, Rebecca Lawson, Allison Glover, Katie Lewis, Alexandra Maxwell, Toby Woodley, Stephen Mclean, Front Row: - Joanna Brooks, Melanie Cann, Erika Hall, Lisa Glister, Rachel
Paterson, Julia Gillon, Rochelle Hall, Sarah Heard, Joanna Bray

Deputy Headteacher Peggy Buxton retires~  July 1981
Class 1, 1937.  Headmaster Walter Ayre  with.......
CAN YOU HELP IDENTIFY THESE PUPILS? If so please contact me.
 If so please contact me.
RIGHT: This was probably the following year 1949.  Front Row:  Godfrey Foulder (extreme L); Teachers: Miss Doggett ( middle back row), & Mrs Thomas (2nd row, 2nd from L) 3rd row: (5th from L) James (Jimmy) Dunbar; 4th Row L-R: Norman Ivory, ?, ?,  Eric Gurney, ? Joey Chamberlain, ? John Phillips. Back Row: 5th from R Julia Rice. If you know any more of the young persons in this photo contact me.
Leverstock Green in the 1940's & 50's by Norman Ivory.
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LEFT: It is possible this is a 1946, but this is by no means certain.  Included in the photo we think are Ron Seaby (4th from L back row), Edward Godman and Terry Clys (3rd & 4th from L in 3rd row; Joan Oxford (middle of 2nd row)
1982 - Class 1G Mrs Gedge
Top L-R: Mr Lightowler (Head), Michael Thompson, Michael Groves, Jane Honour, Sarah Randall, David Cox, Mrs Gedge.
Middle L-R: Paul wilson, Christopher Slade, Rachael Richards, Paul Darvill, Graham Lambert, Andrew Haycock
Bottom L-R: Alison Trigger, David Shuker, Emma Bennett, ?, Charlotte Brown, Andrew Driver, Justine Allen, Adrian Twiggs, Alison Lidsay
1982 - Class 3 Mrs Dutton
Top Row third from L - Katherine Randall, 4th from L Stuart Diver 

Bottom Row 3rd from L Peter Twiggs
If you can fill in any of the gaps, please let me know.
Possibly Class 5, Mrs Brockley 1979

This photo was sent by Kirsten Zakary from the States.  Her family moved from the US to England for 2 years, and she "attended kindergartesn and 2nd grade at Pancake Lane School."

Back Row: Ivan Daniel, ? Christopher Campbell, Paul Nicholas, Peter Twiggs, ?
Second Row: Kerry Graham, Charlotte May, Sally Mayhew, Lisa, Katherine, Kirsten Zakary, Susan, Samantha Hart, Claire Carpenter
Front Row: Suzanne, Gina, Andrea Cox, Catherine, Andrea, Allison, Emily
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Raymond Bailey
 Picture 1948
 If so please contact me.